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Compelling scientific evidence suggests there may sometimes be a link between psychiatric disorders and vitamin deficiencies, essential fatty acid deficiencies, energy metabolism deficiencies, adrenal gland, sex hormone and thyroid disorders, toxic environmental exposure and gastrointestinal health.

All of these issues can be safely tested for, and in many cases, improved. As a patient of Dr. Raden, here are just a few of the tests that may be ordered as part of your diagnostic workup, depending on symptoms presented:

Dr. Raden will be working closely with Karen Raden, MS, RD, CCN, a registered clinical nutritionist, to complement the treatment protocol he has determined for you. Karen will be able to take the objective data collected and implement nutritional programs through diet modification and meal planning, emphasizing the removal of various allergens from your food and provide meal plans that optimize nutritional status for each patient to improve your outcome potential. Learn more about Karen Raden.
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